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Since you’re interested in thyroid health, here are a few more resources that you may find helpful.

Podcast Episodes

#94: The Benefits of Near Infrared Light Therapy

listen to the episode

#93: Getting Acquainted with Every Part of You in Somatic Work

Sophie and Patrick discuss the several different ways somatic work can improve various aspects of your health. listen to the episode

#88: Using Breathwork to Heal Your Body

Jen Broyles talks about the benefits of breathwork as part of a holistic health journey and the different ways you can get started today. listen to the episode

#87: Taking Control Over Multiple Sclerosis Naturally

Alissa Frazier shares her MS journey with us and teaches us how she was able to manage her symptoms holistically and help women do the same. listen to the episode

#82: How Your Genetics Affect Estrogen Dominance, Histamine, and Anxiety

Dr. Hailey Arnold teaches us about genetics testing to determine how our genetics impact estrogen dominance, mental health, histamine, and more. listen to the episode

#75: Breathwork: A Vital Tool for Wellness

Linda Vazin is sharing how to use breathwork to help us access a state of mind that allows our body to process stuck energy and emotions. listen to the episode

#70: A Brain on Fire – Coming Off My SSRI

I'm sharing about coming off an SSRI, how digestive issues and mental illness could be related, and how I'm supporting my mental health now. listen to the episode

#56: My Journey Through IBS + Anxiety

In this episode, I talk about how the brain can be primed for inflammation through triggers that can result in mood disturbances & much more. listen to the episode

#1: How emotional abuse shut down my body

In this episode, your host Sophie Shepherd, is being interviewed by Lee Noto and opening up about her rollercoaster healing journey through emotional abuse that lead to Autoimmune Hashimotos Thyroiditis, her life long battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, navigating Endometriosis and Ovarian Cyst scares and how starting her career in Health & Wellness actually sparked more health issues. listen to the episode

Blog Posts

Brain on Fire: Part I – Anxiety, Depression & Coming off an SSRI

Brain on Fire: Part I - Anxiety, Depression, & Coming off an SSRI  This blog is a bit different from others in the past in ... read post

I’m Off Birth Control: Now What?

I'm Off Birth Control: Now What?Coming off birth control can be terrifying. For most of us we had the fear of god put into us at a ... read post

Is Estrogen Dominance Why You Feel Like Crap?

Women's hormones fluctuate throughout their menstrual cycle. Sometimes estrogen is high, leading up to ovulation, and sometimes progesterone is high, like during the luteal phase. But when your estrogen levels are elevated compared to progesterone levels, even with this natural ebbs and flows in mind, it's known as estrogen dominance. read post

Estrogen & Progesterone

If you are dealing with hormone imbalances chances are you may have too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. Although there are definitely other common hormone imbalances such as high Testosterone in the case of women with PCOS or Low Estrogen & low Progesterone when the body is suppressed or going through menopause, the MOST common hormone imbalance I currently see in my practice is too much Estrogen to not enough Progesterone. read post

The Top 6 Causes of Anxiety (Series II of II)

This is part II of a two-post series about anxiety. Be sure to read part I if you haven’t yet. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the remaining factors that can often contribute to anxiety. As you may know, my goal is to encourage, inspire and educate you in ways so that you can reclaim your full health and well-being! read post

The Top 6 Causes of Anxiety (Series I of II)

I had a big pitch for work in 48 hours and all I could think is “I’m going to fail, I’m going to screw this up, I can’t do this, they’ll see right through me, why can’t I get my anxiety under control”. As my mind spiraled, my face got hot, my feet started to sweat, I started hyperventilating and I couldn't focus or do anything efficiently. Does any of this sound even slightly familiar? read post

How to Eat, Drink and Be Merry and Still Keep the Weight Off?

A guide to avoid the holiday pitfalls in nutrition in exercise. read post

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