May 31, 2023
#88: Using Breathwork to Heal Your Body

In this episode

  • How Jen came upon breathwork as part of her integrative medicine toolkit
  • How breathwork can help you push beyond health plateaus
  • Why breahtwork supports the nervous system
  • Different types of breathwork
  • Other tools that can be incorporated to support a breathwork regimen

Episode Summary

Are you breathing incorrectly? It might sound crazy — how can you possibly be doing something wrong that comes naturally to you? But when our bodies are in an overwhelmed, stressed-out state, we can easily lose the rhythm of even our most unconscious functions, like breathing.

Jen Broyles has been teaching her clients how to realign these rhythms and get back into homeostasis for years. After her own struggles with gut issues, chronic stress, and a career in the pharmaceutical industry, she decided to leave traditional medicine behind and pursue a career in functional and integrative medicine.

Her teachings give clients the tools they need to bring themselves back into alignment and find relief from physical and mental ailments such as anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, gut issues, hormone imbalances, and more.

You can create change within yourself; you just need the right tools. If you’re curious how you can integrate breathwork into your own self-care toolset, tune in to learn why it’s so effective and how you can start using it today!


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