March 8, 2023
#82: How Your Genetics Affect Estrogen Dominance, Histamine, and Anxiety

In this episode

  • Why Dr. Hailey Arnold is so passionate about genetics testing and how she got into the work
  • The connection between neurotransmitters, our gut, and our genes
  • Why certain foods can aggravate conditions you already have
  • The 3 main genes that help determine how you’re prone to metabolizing certain neurotransmitters
  • How allergy/food sensitivity genes coincide with autoimmune genes
  • Eating for your genetics
  • Genetics testing is your bodily blueprint
  • How to pair genetics testing with functional labs
  • The importance of working with a practitioner before making any dietary changes

Episode Summary

Our genetics have more of a role in our mental, physical, and emotional health than previously thought. They determine how our bodies metabolize certain foods and micronutrients, as well as which hormones in our bodies might be higher or lower than “normal.”

Dr. Hailey Arnold, founder of DNA RX has sought to find answers to our most pressing questions through genetic testing. What type of diet we should be on, why certain people can’t metabolize gluten as well as others, and why some of us have anxiety and others don’t. These are all questions that can begin to be answered through genetic testing.

In this episode, we’re nerding out about how Dr. Hailey got into genetic testing as her career path, why genetics are the blueprint to our bodies, and which genes are some of the most prominent indicators of how our bodies function.

If you’ve ever wondered why you might not handle carbs as well as others, or why your body doesn’t react to dietary changes how you might expect it to, don’t miss this deep dive into how our genetics guide our health and bodily functions!

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