May 17, 2023
#87: Taking Control Over Multiple Sclerosis Naturally

In this episode

  • Alissa’s MS diagnosis
  • How long it took her to look for answers outside of medication
  • What is AIP (autoimmune protocol)?
  • Where to begin if you have MS and are curious about holistic treatment
  • The most common inflammatory foods associated with MS
  • How trauma plays into the conversation
  • The importance of checking in with your body every day
  • Movement for MS
  • Having a hope-based mindset

Episode Summary

Like many autoimmune conditions, we have a lot to learn about how they start, how to manage the symptoms, and especially how to treat them. Luckily, there are a ton of people in the world looking for their own answers and finding some rays of hope for themselves and others.

One of these people is Alissa Frazier, founder of LissMS, who used her MS diagnosis as a wake-up call and refused to accept medication as the final answer for her treatment. Now, she works with other women to help get to the root of their MS and autoimmune conditions to not only manage symptoms but to also find continued relief through manageable lifestyle changes on top of traditional treatment.

Her story begins like many others who struggle with autoimmune conditions, and now she’s harnessing the knowledge she’s gained over the past almost 15 years to empower other women to look beyond medication to find relief. From diet changes to addressing past trauma, Alissa will teach us just a few of her approaches to helping women with MS.

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