January 17, 2024
#93: Getting Acquainted with Every Part of You in Somatic Work

In this episode

  • Disclaimer and introduction [00:00]
  • Defining somatic work [4:59]
  • Naming all the parts of you for anxiety reduction [9:33]
  • Building self-trust is a practice [15:57]
  • Learning not to overdo self-work and healing [17:41]
  • How the nervous system ties into somatic work [21:48]
  • Finding safe ways to let anger and stress move through the body [28:53]
  • Having a “bend, don’t break” mentality [31:25]
  • The 4 stages of stress [33:55]
  • Embodying your higher self to release self-judgment [38:45]
  • Courage doesn’t exist without fear [44:45]
  • Getting started with somatic work [49:59]

Episode Summary

If you’ve ever experienced overwhelm or anxiety in a heated moment, you’re not alone. It can be hard to self-regulate emotions when tensions are high, but if we don’t, it can get stored in the body as trauma. 

Luckily, there’s an answer to reducing anxiety that isn’t very commonly known — somatic work. Somatic work helps us name all the parts of ourselves that have a voice that’s begging to be heard. It’s a way to build self-trust, self-regulate emotions, and embody our higher self to reduce anxiety and release trapped emotions. 

With the help of Patrick Murphy, this episode will teach you about somatic exercises and different forms of trauma release work like EMDR therapy and give you a somatic work quick start that will get you out of your head and trusting yourself again in no time. It’s not a miracle quick-fix, but it is a mental wellbeing practice that could be the answer that talk therapy or other mental health exercises haven’t been able to provide for you before.


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