March 14, 2024
#97: How Inner Child Work Can Help With C-PTSD and Emotional Patterns

In this episode

  • The spark to go into therapy and mental health work [2:45]
  • What is CPTSD and inner child work? [4:50]
  • Connecting with the inner child to heal [10:18]
  • Why the inner child is so important to heal trauma or negative patterns [13:49]
  • Getting to the emotional root cause of trauma [21:13]
  • Doing the work reveals the truth we’ve been waiting to see [26:27]
  • Looking within for negative patterns [28:17]
  • How patterns affect our interpersonal relationships [35:24]
  • Using coping skills to improve our lives and worldview [39:28]

Episode Summary

Everybody has patterns that are part of their programming. They determine how you show up in the world, interact with others, and even make big life decisions. But what most people don’t realize is that these patterns don’t have to control you. 

When you become aware of the subconscious patterns and programming that drive you to do what you do, you can regain control over your life and make informed decisions that you are consciously aware of. 

Through inner child work and getting to the root cause of trauma, you can begin addressing patterns that are rooted in people-pleasing, perfectionism, or fear. Whether you have old trauma that was rooted in abuse or neglect or some patterns that are no longer serving you coming from childhood or family expectations, inner child work is a great way to begin conscious healing.

Zelina Chinwoh shares with us how we can begin healing from perfectionism, people-pleasing, loneliness, voicelessness, and other subconscious patterns that are rooted in our childhood experiences. When we make the subconscious conscious, we open ourselves up to a world of patience, empathy, growth, and gratitude.  


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