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Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

If you’re ready to start identifying some of your belief patterns and begin releasing the ones that don’t serve you, then this is the guide for you. I’ll lead you through a series of questions that will help you get acquainted with your thoughts and beliefs, rewrite any of the negative ones, and impliment new beliefs to replace them.

Neck of blonde woman with braided hair

The Gut Reaction Guide

It seems like everywhere you look these days someone is talking about the gut microbiota and for good reason! After all, gut health impacts many layers of your health. The state of your gut can impact your ENTIRE body. From your hormones, your brain, and your metabolism.

Ditch The Pill Like A Boss Cover

Ditch The Pill Like A Boss

Learn the top 3 ways you can support your body while coming off of the hormonal birth control pill. This guide gives you permission to ditch conventional medicine model that says you need a prescription pad to feel better. YOU can take control of your health, support your body naturally.

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Seed Cycling Guide

Seed Cycling is a concept that was based on the idea of syncing certain key nutrients to different phases of your menstrual cycle. Using seed cycling along side a customized nutrition & lifestyle plan can be very effective for long term hormonal health.

Say Goodbye to Period Pain

Say Goodbye to Period Pain ... For Good

Cramps are no fun! They can really wreck the day and unfortunately women are taught from a young age that they are 100% normal and that they have to grit and bear the pain.

The good new is: YOU can take control of your health, support your body naturally, and overcome these symptoms with a little guidance.

Neck of blonde woman with braided hair

The Beginners Guide to Thyroid Nourishment

7 steps anything can take at home to improve thyroid health. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland on your throat and that produces many hormones in order to fuel our body for growth, reproduction and energy. It greatly influences overall health and quality of life. So balanced thyroid hormones are critical when it comes to balanced health.

Tune into the SHE Talks Health Podcast

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We aim to finally give you clarity around the widespread health issues plaguing women today – from the rise in infertility to epidemically high numbers of chronic illness like endometriosis & Hashimoto’s to the intricacies of the female libido, hormonal fluctuations, the birth control pill and regaining optimal mental health for women.

SHE Talks Health helps women reclaim their health through learning practical nutrition and holistic lifestyle changes. The show also empowers women by educating & exposing them to foremost leaders and experts in the world of Functional Medicine so they can finally have straightforward answers to their most mystifying symptoms & confidence to do the right things for their health.


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