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The SHE Talks Health Podcast is for women interested in wellness and, more specifically, in women’s health. We aim to finally give you clarity around the widespread health issues plaguing women today, from the rise in infertility to epidemically high numbers of chronic illness like endometriosis and Hashimoto’s to the intricates of the female libido, hormonal fluctuations, the birth control pill and regaining optimal mental health for women.
SHE Talks Health helps women reclaim their health through learning practical nutrition and holistic lifestyle changes. The show also empowers women by educating and exposing them to foremost leaders and experts in the world of Functional Medicine so they can finally have straightforward answers to their most mystifying symptoms and confidence to do the right things for their health.
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#43: Natural Fibroid Elimination

We talk in depth with Cecili Simmons El about her story of uncovering and releasing stress & trauma and changing her lifestyle to be more easeful and less on the go.

#39: The Benefits of Estrogen & Progesterone

In this episode, I’m chatting about the importance of estrogen and progesterone, the crucial role these two hormones play in your life, and how to tell if there is an imbalance can improve a lot more than your period.

#36: SIBO Made Simple

In this episode we discuss the what, the how and the practicalities of SIBO healing. If you are bloated, filled with gas, brain fog, join pain, inflammation, mood irregularities and either rapid weight loss or weight gain, these could all be symptoms of SIBO.

#32: How Physical Injury Affects Your Gut Health

Do you have recurring GI issues you can’t seem to solve no matter what protocol, supplement, medication, surgery or practitioner you go to? What about migraines, neck pain, mood issues or attention/behavioral issues? This episode is a MUST LISTEN.

#31: Nutrients for the Menstrual Cycle

In this episode, I go through 3 basic food ideas I use with my clients and then we dive into how you can support your body through each phase of your menstrual cycle. 

#29: Irregular Cycles Part II

In Part II on Irregular Cycles, we are diving back in with Dr. Lauren Rubal to explore more holistic solutions and medical solutions to irregular cycles.

#27: Infertility Trauma and The Intersection of Racial Trauma

In this episode of the SHE Talks Health podcast, Dr. Loree Johnson, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Coach with more than 25 years of experience as a clinician, educator, and clinical supervisor sheds light on Infertility Awareness, Signs of Infertility Trauma, and The Intersection of Infertility Trauma and Racial Trauma.

#26: Charting Your Cycle to Empower Your Hormone Health

In this episode, Melissa Buchan and I talk ALL things cycle charting and how to use it as a daily empowerment practice that allows you to tune into your reproductive health, to understand what your shifting moods and energy is about, and how this is the first step in creating a diagnostic tool that can allow you to partner with your healthcare team when something goes awry with your period/fertility.

#25: The “silent” epidemic: how wheat sensitivity falls through the cracks

I interviewed an expert in all things gluten, wheat, celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Whitney Morgan goes deep about WHY gluten & wheat are such HUGE issues for the vast majority of the population, the various testing options that are available, what strange symptoms could be arising as a result of gluten and how gluten can be a major contributing factor to chronic illness across the board.

#24: What is Holding You Back from the Sex You Desire

In today’s episode, we dove in deep with Alicia Pinkston, a Sex Therapist about sex, desire, arousal, the disconnect between men & women when it comes to sex, what is holding us back from getting the sex we want, and finding answers!

#23: Natural Solutions to Heal Infertility

In today’s episode we chatted with Sarah Clark, certified life and health coach, and creator of the Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast all about natural solutions to healing infertility.

#20: Using Tantra in Sensual Connection to Navigate Fertility

Struggling with finding true intimacy with your partner while trying to conceive? The pressure to create a baby can definitely take the fun out of sex and put a whole lot of stress on you and your partner. In this episode, we talk about how you can create a more fertile energetic environment within yourself and within your relationship with your partner.

#19: Outsmarting Endometriosis

In Episode 19, we talked with Dr. Jessica Drummond, all about about endometriosis, the common symptoms, some possible causes, why this condition is NOT just a women’s reproductive issue, how to get a good diagnosis and what a holistic plan for optimal care looks like.

#18: Abnormal Menstrual Cycle: Reasons & Solutions

Do you feel like you are in the dark about your irregular menstrual cycle? In this episode, I’ve brought on a Fellowship trained, board-certified OB/GYN, Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility Expert, Dr. Lauren Rubal to give you the 411 on your period, ovulation, and the most common reasons you could have an irregular or absent period.

#17: Top 3 Reasons Your Hormones Need a Detox

Do your hormones need a detox? And if so, how do you do it? The word detox is thrown around the wellness world but most people are still confused on how to do it and what the right path is for them. The truth about your hormones and detox is in this episode.

#16: The Secret to Longevity? Better Farming

In this episode, previous Biotech and Pharmaceutical specialist turned Regenerative Farmer, Jennifer Maynard talks about how food is medicine and how we can leverage good farming practices to extend our lives and the life of our plan.

#15: American Life Destroys the Gut

Gut health is the root cause of many symptoms and diseases – to discuss this insane interplay I’ve invited none other than Kimberly Kaye onto the show.

#14: Addressing PCOS

There is A LOT of mis-information, over medication and lack of education about PCOS which is why I asked Dr. Felice Gersh to come talk to you about it.

#13: Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

We dive into how the body starts to attack itself, aka the ROOT CAUSES of Autoimmunity, why it affects women more than men and how my guest & I go far beyond managing our Autoimmune Disease.

#12: A Women’s Guide to Wellness

In today’s episode, we dive in deep with Paleo f(x)™ co-founder, Michelle Norris, to hear her philosophy on the 7 pillars of health.

#9: Genetics – The Key to Unlocking Your Bodies Hidden Mysteries

Ever wonder “WHY CAN’T I LOSE WEIGHT- I’m exercising, I’m eating well, I’m sleeping, I’m managing stress why isn’t the weight coming off??” Or why YOU can drink the same amount of wine as your friend but you end up with a hangover? How come you have frustrating hormonal conditions and symptoms when your friends barely notice their period coming?
I have brought on an EXPERT in Genetics to explain how much our genes have to say about how these traits show up in our lives AND what YOU can do about it. Do you have a mystifying symptom you NEED answered?

#8: Self Love & Self Compassion

Our guest on this episode, Shawn Mynar, is a nutritionist turned mindset coach, whose own serious health battle lead her to explore how the mind can be a crucial component in healing the body. Tune in to learn how to leverage the mind for your healing.

#7: Activating Your Body’s Ability to Heal and Stay Calm

Women all over the world are in some stage of lockdown, they’ve lost their jobs, are dealing with homeschooling their children and are experiencing many levels of increased stress. When we are stuck in the stress state our bodies can’t reboot, rest, repair and heal and prolonged activation of stress hormones diminishes the immune system response leaving us vulnerable to viruses, autoimmunity or even cancer.

#6: Libido, Fertility & Energy Medicine

In today’s episode I’m joined by Dr. Jill Blakeway and we explore how you can use the power of energy medicine, Chinese medicine, Ancient Herbs, Nutrition and more lifestyle measures to support your female reproductive and sexual wellness, even during a pandemic.

#5: Fusion Western Functional Medicine

My guest Dr. Adam Perlman and I are diving into how Western & Functional Medicine can compliment each other in today’s health care system and how he sees the future of medicine evolving.

#4: How to Fix Your Sleep

In this episode we have the sleep guru himself, Devin Burke who will be giving you the low down on how to get quality zzz’s. Devin is the Founder of Sleep Academy that will help you get and stay asleep so you can wake up with more peace, power and presence.

#3: How Women Can Eat for Their Hormone Cycle

Most women are unaware that they have the opportunity to use nutrition and their hormone cycle to their advantage. As cycling females, our hormones shift and change throughout the month, and therefore our nutrition should too. In order to support this shift we need to match nutrition to the dominant hormone during each phase.

#2: The Underlying Causes of Infertility

In this episode we will be discussing the journey to finding the underlying issues that could be causing infertility with Anna Saucier, Founder of Inspired Fertility Pro and Cycle Power Summit.

#1: How emotional abuse shut down my body

In this episode, your host Sophie Shepherd, is being interviewed by Lee Noto and opening up about her rollercoaster healing journey through emotional abuse that lead to Autoimmune Hashimotos Thyroiditis, her life long battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, navigating Endometriosis and Ovarian Cyst scares and how starting her career in Health & Wellness actually sparked more health issues.

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