November 2, 2022
#75: Breathwork: A Vital Tool for Wellness

In this episode

  • How Linda stepped into breathwork training
  • How our health and wellness is bigger than just our physical body
  • Using breathwork to move through grief and trauma
  • Calming down the nervous system in order to heal
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Learning our own breathing patterns
  • Allowing ourselves to feel difficult emotions in breathwork

Episode Summary

How do you self-soothe when you’re feeling stressed and anxious? Do you know where to even begin?

This week, I’m chatting with Linda Vazin about how to incorporate breathwork into your regular wellness routine. There’s so much focus on physical wellness in western culture, but it’s just as important, if not more, to focus on your mental health. While it may not seem like it, our mental health is deeply connected to our physical wellbeing. If we bury our stress, it will manifest itself through aches, pains, and even disease in the body.

Linda is here to teach us how the mind and body are connected, and how breathwork helps us access a state of mind that allows our body to process stuck energy and emotions. With over 30 years in yoga teaching, meditation, and life coaching, Linda has seen exactly what happens when we hold painful emotions in our bodies and the amazing benefits that are available if we finally let go, and breathe.

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