August 25, 2022
#70: A Brain on Fire – Coming Off My SSRI

In this Episode:

  • The importance of working with a licensed health professional if you decide to come off any medication or change your dosage
  • My journey of what potentially led to me needing an SSRI
  • How trauma, anxiety, and pathogens can affect gut health
  • How gut health and mental health are linked
  • Why hormonal birth control might have exacerbated my issues
  • What nutrient deficiencies are linked to decreased mental health, and how they were potentially linked to all of my health issues
  • Where I’m at now in my health journey, and what I’ll do to ensure my supplement and dietary regimens continue to work

Episode Summary:

In this episode, I’m taking you through my process of getting off SSRI medication. It’s been a long journey learning about the body, the brain, and how certain things can trigger chain reactions that affect your gut and mental health. I’m excited to share what I learned on this journey with you so that you can also learn about what things might be triggering negative reactions in your body, and how you can start the process of improving them. 

I start when I was young and had exposure to a pathogen in Mexico that potentially caused inflammation in my gut. Paired with emotional trauma and going on hormonal birth control that can deplete essential vitamins and minerals in your body, it’s no wonder that my mental health was suffering. Add an SSRI to the mix, and you’re looking at a lot of bandaids on a lot of problems that can be helped in a much more natural way. 

Fast forward to today. I’m now over 2 months off my SSRI, on a supplement and dietary regimen, and taking a more somatic approach to stress. I’m finally starting to feel relief from mental health issues and overall feeling back on track in life.


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