March 3, 2021
#33: Endometriosis and Women of Color

In this episode

  • Samantha & Lauren’s personal journey’s with Endometriosis
  • Their work in educating and empowering women of color about Endometriosis
  • How endometriosis disrupts your entire life including work, it’s not just a bad period
  • What we aren’t taught as young women about our period
  • Birth control & Endometriosis
  • Listening to your body
  • Isolation & Finding Community
  • How living with Endometriosis as a WOC can be more challenging
  • How to be an advocate for yourself
  • Resources for Endometriosis

Episode Summary

In Episode 19, we discussed Endometriosis 101 with Dr. Jessica Drummond. In this episode, we went a layer deeper to hear the stories of two incredible Endometriosis Warriors, Samantha Denäe and Lauren R. Kornegay. Lauren & Samantha educate and empower women of color currently struggling with Endometriosis by providing them with resources and a safe community to be heard.

In this episode, we discussed both of their stories leading up to and after their diagnosis with endometriosis. We discussed Samantha & Lauren’s experiences getting the care they needed and how that may have been different because of the color of their skin. How women can be advocates for themselves when dealing with endometriosis and how listening to your body & speaking up when something doesn’t feel right is so crucial. Towards the end of this episode Samantha & Lauren discuss many resources that are now available for women with endometriosis, especially women of color and endometriosis, we’ve listed those resources below.



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