February 15, 2021
#32: How Physical Injury Affects Your Gut Health

Episode Summary

Do you have recurring GI issues you can’t seem to solve no matter what protocol, supplement, medication, surgery or practitioner you go to? What about migraines, neck pain, mood issues or attention/behavioral issues? This episode is a MUST LISTEN.

Allison Jordan, is a FDN-P (like me!) and a CST-T (Cranial Sacral Therapist in Training!) and in this episode we explored how physical accidents and stressors like car accidents, childbirth, and concussions can cause the cranial nerve to be impinged causing down stream symptoms in the gut and other organ systems.

Seemingly unrelated symptoms like acid reflux, pelvic pain, Migraines, Brain Fog and Moodiness could be related to a physical impairment. The good news? Cranial Sacral Therapy might be able to help! This is a shining example of how the body is so connected and that there are always new and inventive therapies to support you.

If this resonates with you and you want to try our Cranial Sacral Therapy go to IAHP link: https://www.iahp.com/pages/search/index.php or if you live in Ann Arbor, MI look Allison up at BetterBellyTherapies.com

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