March 17, 2021
#34: How to Heal Your Pelvic Floor Through Somatic and Energy Work

In this episode

  • Bringing the physical & energetic world together for healing pelvic floor
  • How trauma effects a woman’s body
  • What is “Masculine” and “Feminine”
  • Working with Inner Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle
  • Strategies for supporting the pelvic floor

Episode Summary

In this episode, we discuss how women can bring the physical & energetic body together using Holistic Pelvic Care with Dr. Miriam Bouve.

We discuss how traumatic events such as miscarriage and traumatic births can result in pelvic symptoms showing up in the body in such painful sex, bladder urgency, urinary incontinence, chronic UTI, bowel issues/constipation, abdominal and back pain. Traumatic births, post abortion, miscarriage can occure and we don’t have emotional access to process in other ways.

We also discuss what does it mean to say “Masculine” and “Feminine” and how does it affect the way we live our life as women.

How to access emotions in the body. Emotions are the language of the body, that’s what makes it uncomfortable. We’d rather numb it. How to drop into the body.

Finally we discuss how to work with the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle and how to use Vaginal Steaming and other tools to release pelvic floor pain.


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