Functional Diagnostic Nutrition for Thyroid Health and Wellness: 

If you are tired of navigating your health journey alone, you are in the right spot.

I know how exhausting and defeating these symptoms can be because I have been there, too. At 22, I felt like a zombie, I was running to the bathroom 24/7, hospitalized for ovarian cysts, and was told everything was normal. Now at 34,  I’m healthier than I was at 24 because I learned how to support my mental & emotional well-being, eat & nourish my body, Move for my unique body, and clear out my numerous gut infections!

Sophie Shepherd leaning on a stone wall

Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and NLP Certified Life Coach

and I’ve been right where you are.

Which is exactly why I decided to help women with their thyroid health and wellness. I help guide women toward a happier and healthier life through diet, supplements, lifestyle, nervous system regulation, and mindset changes.  Using a combination of root cause functional lab testing, transformational subconscious mindset reprogramming, and diet and lifestyle science, my team and I partner with you to create a holistic approach to get your mind, body, and spirit back into balance. My mission is to revolutionize how women claim their health and slay old stories of being in sick bodies. 



Comprehensive Functional Blood Chemistry Workup:

We go beyond conventional testing to identify imbalances, deficiencies, and potential triggers that may be contributing to your symptoms. We not only look at more specific reference ranges than typical bloodwork provides, but we also look at common patterns and themes within your bloodwork to identify its causes.  We then create a customized plan based on your comprehensive testing to reduce inflammation and stress on the body, which ultimately optimizes your health and your thyroid.

GI Map Testing:

Explore the gut-thyroid connection with our comprehensive GI Map testing. By assessing your gastrointestinal system, we can pinpoint issues related to digestion, absorption, the microbiome, potential parasites or infections, and more. All of which influence everything from thyroid health, and hormonal balance to the immune system, mood, and more. 

HTMA Testing (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis):

HTMA is a crucial first step when understanding how to remineralize your body and optimize your thyroid.  It helps identify important stress responses and nervous system functioning in the body. Heavy metals found on this test may give us clues to the toxic load impacting your thyroid and the exact nutrients your thyroid needs. Understanding your body’s mineral balance and potential toxic exposures can uncover a wealth of information leading to the root cause of many symptoms. HTMA testing provides valuable insight and guides us in creating personalized strategies for detoxification and remineralization. Our clients often say that remineralization turned the lights back on for them!

 Thyroid Testing:

Comprehensive thyroid testing is vital when trying to determine the root cause of symptoms. You may elect to run a full thyroid panel, which helps us to understand common issues like Hashimoto’s, hyperthyroidism, or autoimmune thyroid conditions. There are so many factors that impact your thyroid functioning, from stress, gut, liver, and more. Thyroid testing acts as a compass and points us in the right direction of how to help your body holistically from the start.  

Supplement Recommendations:

Utilizing a functional approach, we design individualized supplement recommendations to support nutrient deficiencies and help aid your body in its natural healing processes. We champion top-of-the-line supplement providers to ensure our recommendations are always of the highest quality and standards. We take out the guesswork by running comprehensive testing, which allows us to only recommend supplements we feel would be helpful for your body by helping address the root cause of your symptoms. 

 Mindset Coaching and Nervous System Regulation:

We recognize the intimate connection between mind and body. From limiting beliefs to inner child work, we value the mindset component to give you the tools to best support your body. Our programs involve mindset coaching, and nervous system regulation components to empower you to cultivate better mental wellness to help support your physical symptoms.

 Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations:

As a FDN-P, I know firsthand the importance of having a strong healthy diet and lifestyle as the foundation of any healing journey. From nutrition to exercise and sleep hygiene, we provide practical and manageable strategies to enhance your overall health, complement your overall wellness plan, and support your body instead of burning it out. Our goal is to get you to start feeling rested and nourished.

Step 1: Identify the root causes of emotional, mental & physical symptoms so you can stop Dr. Googling and get clear on what you need to finally get relief.

Step 2: Nourish your body, mind, and spirit with nutrient-dense foods, healthy boundaries, nervous system regulation, movement for your body, deep rest, and mineral balancing.

Step 3: Release toxic people, food, beliefs, chemicals, infections, and environmental toxins so that you can remove what is weighing you down and keeping you stuck in a cycle of feeling unwell.

Step 4: Thrive and feel energized, with a healthy thyroid that helps support regular painless periods, optimal digestion, increased stamina, and more. Establish a deeper connection with your body, and reestablish your sense of self-worth, excitement, zest, and presence in your life.

“You’re so great at what you do and help women everyday get to the root cause of their symptoms. Every meeting, message, tip, and post, encourages everyone and is soo appreciated. I wouldn’t have started this healing journey without you!! You ROCK!!”


Testimonial about the SHE Health Experience from Tess

My period just started and I have no cramps, no tenderness in my pelvic area I’M ACTUALLY FEELING LOVELY! It’s still early but I’m calling this a freaking WIN!!


Testimonial of period pain relief from working with Sophie inside her SHE Thrives Program. It says "My period just started and I have no cramps, no tenderness in pelvic area. I'M ACTUALLY FEELING LOVELY!!"

“Before starting the program, I was extremely fatigued, had all the symptoms of Hashi, and was constantly being dismissed by doctors telling me ‘I’m too young for that’ or ‘everything’s normal’… I felt like I was doing a puzzle and none of the pieces fit together… so frustrating!

After reviewing my GI-Map and HTMA results with Becca and Sophie, every symptom and lab result has been validated. After being on beef liver capsules, OC companion and starting phase 1 of my GI protocol, I’ve noticed amazing changes. I have more energy, my brain fog has significantly decreased and I’m super motivated and exited for my health journey.”


“Don’t walk, run to work with Sophie! Her intellect and approach has changed my life for the better and trusting her with both my physical and mental health was life changing and easily the best decision I made this year.”


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