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I'm Off Birth Control - Now What?

by Sophie Shepherd

If you need help supporting your body naturally with the transition off the pill or maybe you’ve already come off and you are experiencing some symptoms like no periods at all, mood swings, heavy periods, shorter cycles, deflated breasts etc., I have JUST what you need.

I’m SUPER EXCITED about our new self paced program, ‘I’m Off Birth Control – Now What?’ where you’ll learn how to support your body and hormones while coming off of the pill so your body isn’t like WTF!

Here’s what we are covering:

  • How to increase the nutrient density of your diet & specifically support the nutrients depleted by birth control
  • How to focus on rebalancing your gut (psst birth control can contribute to yeast & bacterial overgrowth)!
  • How to detox your body from excess hormones & toxins by supporting your liver
  • Tracking Your Cycle so you can understand your cycle better or for fertility
  • The benefits of your cycle! Yes there are benefits! And we’ll cover how you can enhance each phase of your cycle
  • We will also cover the most common period symptoms from Acne, period pain, heavy periods, irregular and missing periods.

This course is self study, self pace and you have lifetime access so it can work directly into your lifestyle.

Enjoy the course!

Available on Oct 25, 2021.
Price: $97


Breaking the Birth Control Code

with Sophie Shepherd

This workshop is a deep dive into the birth control options for women today. We cover all of the hormonal and non hormonal options and the pros and cons for each. We discuss the benefits of a menstrual cycle for your body as well as how to support your body while on hormonal birth control.

There is a bonus module with Melissa Buchan, a fertility awareness instructor who is there to support you to understand how to track your cycle using your body own biomarkers.

This workshop is here for education and information for women to help you parse through the options and what would work best for your body.

Happy learning!

Price: $37

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