August 12, 2020
#19: Outsmarting Endometriosis

Episode Summary

Do you have chronic pelvic pain? Horrendous periods that have you doubled over in pain? What about digestive issues since you were a teen?

These could be signs of endometriosis, a debilitating disease that affects 1 in 10 women but unfortunately diagnosis typically takes between 6-12 years with a majority of women being silenced and shamed along the way.

In Episode 19, we talked with Dr. Jessica Drummond, all about about endometriosis, the common symptoms, some possible causes, why this condition is NOT just a women’s reproductive issue, how to get a good diagnosis and what a holistic plan for optimal care looks like.

Dr. Drummond is the CEO of The Integrative Women’s Health Institute and bestselling author of Outsmart Endometriosis. She holds licenses in physical therapy and clinical nutrition and is a board certified health coach and is one of the foremost leaders in the world of pelvic pain and endometriosis.

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