Is Mold Illness Behind Your Mysterious Symptoms?

Mar 17, 2022 | Gut Health, Health & Wellness, Hormone Health

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Is Mold Illness Behind Your Mysterious Symptoms? 

50% of my clients’ hormone, gut and anxiety issues stem from MOLD. Yes, 50%. I’m not exaggerating and YES mold is real and it is one of the worst toxins to have to deal with. It’s a sneaky, slow building illness that can make you think it’s anything BUT mold illness. It wasn’t until I worked with 5 women back to back with various menstrual, gut and mental health issues as well as brain fog, fatigue and weight loss resistance that I realized this issue was bigger than I realized. 

What is mold?

➝ Mold is the living organism, mycotoxins are the non-living toxins/chemicals that are produced by the mold. 

➝ Mold spores can travel through air, water, cling to surfaces etc. until they reach an environment adequate for colonizing. 

➝ Mold illness occurs largely due to the accumulation of excess Mycotoxins, which are highly toxic to all cells and tissues of the body. 

➝  These substances are ionospheric, which means they are both lipophilic and hydrophilic and can readily pass through the tissues of the body causing widespread harmful toxic effects and chronic inflammation. 

➝ Studies have shown that some of these toxins can get into the brain and cause damage by interfering with metabolism and inducing inflammation including brain inflammation.

What does mold illness look like?

Fatigue, Diarrhea, Memory issues, Mood Swings are just some of the symptoms that come from the horrible mycotoxins secreted from mold. NO wonder my clients think it’s just their “wacky” hormones

The tricky thing about Mold is that these symptoms range from neurological and hormonal to emotional and physical – so unless you know to look for it, it’s hard to pin down what the cause is. 

I see so many women struggle for YEARS before getting answers.

Like my Client, N, whose mold exposure was 18 years ago on her kiddo’s blanket. YES 18 years ago! That’s how crazy mold is. Her symptoms didn’t just pop up overnight, they gradually showed up, confusing her, making her spend years searching for answers. 

9 months ago when she came to see me, we did a thorough intake and that’s when she let me know about her mold exposure 18 years prior. Without skipping a beat we ran the labs and sure enough she has sky high levels of mold & Mycotoxins.

9 months in she is still detoxing but we know she will be feeling better soon because her recent tests showed major improvement.

What can you do if you think you have mold illness?

If you are dealing with any of the above and you haven’t yet worked with a functional practitioner to rule out mold – now is the time babe. This doesn’t just go away, it has to be dealt with.  It’s not all in your head.  Symptoms are the body’s way of telling you to listen. 

I know this sounds pretty scary and I’m not going to sugar coat it, this is super serious BUT there are things we can do to support our bodies through mold illness. 

Step 1: Test, Don’t Guess 

If you suspect mold in your body based on your symptoms, you can work with a knowledgeable practitioner, like myself and my team, to have an OAT + Mycotoxins test run to confirm this. 

Step 2: Test your home!!!!!

If your tests reveal mycotoxins/mold the next step is ALWAYS to test your home. Living in Mold and breathing in the spores day in and day out is going to exacerbate symptoms. Even if you were working with a practitioner to support your body, you would continue to reabsorb more mycotoxins. Luckily you can use at home tests like the (ERMI or Immunolytics

Step 3: If you test reveals mycotoxins 

Work with a knowledgeable practitioner on a detox plan!  Make sure the practitioner keeps in mind opening up your drainage pathways. Everyone has different tools but making sure bile is flowing, that you are sweating and pooping is key before detoxing anything out of the body.

Also making sure you are building up your body with micronutrients, sleep and stress reduction is essential. We can’t just “kill off” things and not give the body a fighting chance. Remember Detox is a stressor so we have to combat that and build up the body too!

Step 4: Remediate

If you own a home with mold you’ll need to remediate your home 🙁 I know it stinks and it’s stressful! Luckily for you, my dear friend Kimberly has extensive mold remediation handouts on her website!

Ready to get support with Mold?

If after reading this blog you’re having an “AH-HA” moment about your symptoms, and would like some support, I would love to chat. There is so much that can be done to help mediate mold illness. Just know that you are not alone babe – My team and I are here to support you. 

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