November 16, 2022
#76: Everything You Need to Know About Mold Illness

In this episode

  • What is mold?
  • How to be aware of mold even if it’s not visible
  • ERMI testing for environmental mold detection
  • Self-healing protocols for mold exposure
  • The symptoms to look out for mold illness
  • The mental toll of living with mold
  • The reason why mold is becoming more prevalent in living and work spaces

Episode Summary

In the past, we’ve touched on the negative effects that prolonged exposure to mold can have on your health, but today is the first time we’re dedicating a full episode to dig deep into the reality behind mold and micro toxin illness.

With the increased use of cheap building materials, increased heat and humidity globally, and more severe weather, mold illness is a growing worry that can sometimes be a silent offender in our lives.

This week, I am joined by Toréa Rodriguez, an expert FDN-P who specializes in helping people take action against mold and the illnesses they cause. We’ll cover the signs to look out for that indicate mold might be lurking in your home, school, or workplace, the tests that are available to determine if you have a mold problem, and how to eradicate and heal from mold if you’ve been a victim of it.

Mold is scary, but with the right tools, you can take action to remove it from your life and heal from the damage it causes.

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