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Since you’re interested in hormonal health, here are a few more resources that you may find helpful.

Podcast Episodes

#28: Toxic Personal Care and Safer Alternatives

In this episode I brought on Arden Martin to talk about the dangers to our health of using products with toxic and unknown chemicals and what some safer alternatives might be. listen to the episode

#58: Estrogen’s a Bitch

In this episode, Kate Vazquez chats about what “Estrogen Excess” is, how to recognize it in your body, and how to bring it back into balance. listen to the episode

#29: Irregular Cycles Part II

In Part II on Irregular Cycles, we are diving back in with Dr. Lauren Rubal to explore more holistic solutions and medical solutions to irregular cycles. listen to the episode

Blog Posts

Your Period is NOT your Menstrual Cycle

Your menstrual cycle is from day 1 of bleeding to the last day before your next bleed. The term "period" is used to describe vaginal bleeding that lasts roughly 3 to 7 days and occurs approximately every 28 days. (but don't worry if you aren't a perfect 28 day cycler, more on that to come!) Our entire menstrual cycle is this gorgeous ebb and flow of hormones through 4 weeks ish that beautifully repeats itself each month. read post

I’m Off Birth Control: Now What?

I'm Off Birth Control: Now What?Coming off birth control can be terrifying. For most of us we had the fear of god put into us at a ... read post

How Blood Sugar is Affecting Your Period

BLOOD SUGAR ISSUES DON'T JUST APPLY TO DIABETICS... Even woman needs to be aware of their sugar intake! Why? Sugar, or more specifically Insulin, is a Tier 1 hormone disruptor which means that it has a down stream effect on all your other hormones. YEP. Sugar will impact your PMS, Cramps, Mid Cycle pain and MUCH more. read post

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