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Since you’re interested in hormonal health, here are a few more resources that you may find helpful.

Podcast Episodes

#26: Charting Your Cycle to Empower Your Hormone Health

In this episode, Melissa Buchan and I talk ALL things cycle charting and how to use it as a daily empowerment practice that allows you to tune into your reproductive health, to understand what your shifting moods and energy is about, and how this is the first step in creating a diagnostic tool that can allow you to partner with your healthcare team when something goes awry with your period/fertility. listen to the episode

#3: How Women Can Eat for Their Hormone Cycle

Most women are unaware that they have the opportunity to use nutrition and their hormone cycle to their advantage. As cycling females, our hormones shift and change throughout the month, and therefore our nutrition should too. In order to support this shift we need to match nutrition to the dominant hormone during each phase. listen to the episode

#83: Getting to the Bottom of Testosterone Excess

Host Sophie Shepherd discusses the signs of testosterone excess, how to test for it, and the changes we can make to help reverse it. listen to the episode

Blog Posts

Different Types of PCOS

Different Types of PCOS  PCOS can be really complicated to manage and perhaps one of the biggest reasons why is there are a ... read post

Low estrogen: what the signs and causes are

The symptoms and causes of low estrogen  When you think hot flashes you think Menopause, right? But did you know that low ... read post

Top 5 Most Common Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance (& what to do about it)

Health, happiness... and hormones. Our hormones play such a vital role in how we feel and often times can go overlooked or can be mis-attributed to another cause. I am so passionate about helping you get to the root of your symptoms so that you can truly feel well, sustainably! read post

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