December 16, 2021
#52: How the Vagus Nerve affects period pain, postpartum depletion, pregnancy & your babies

In this episode

  • Why the vagus nerve is important
  • What the vagus nerve does
  • How it affects hormones, cycle and even pain levels
  • How postpartum depletion can affect your vagus and vice versa
  • How pregnancy stress effects a baby’s vagus nerve
  • What it may look like to have low vagal tone is babies/kids/adults
  • Simple ways to improve vagus nerve tone

Episode Summary

The vagus nerve may be the key to your success with your health. It is responsible for getting us out of a stress response, communicating with your whole body whether you are safe or not by scanning the internal and external.
It is the largest nerve in the body, traveling throughout the body, connecting to everything. It affects our hormones each month, our pain with cycles, our pregnancy and postpartum reactions and can even impact babies and children.
In this episode we go deep into all the ways the vagus nerve affects our hormones and a few at home tips to support this very important nerve your stress response with Dr. Carrie Rigoni.

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