June 29, 2022
#66: How to Exercise Effectively with Hashimoto’s

In this episode

  • Dr. Emily Kiberd’s struggle after childbirth to understand what was causing her extreme fatigue, sudden histamine responses to certain foods and other symptoms
  • The steps she took to get diagnosed
  • Why traditional exercise, specifically low-impact exercise, is not only ineffective, but can cause low muscle tone and other issues for those with Hashimoto’s
  • What exercises do work, and why we should ditch yoga and pilates for losing weight
  • How to begin incorporating strength training and a high protein diet into our routines
  • Addressing hypermobility that often accompanies autoimmune conditions
  • Dr. Emily’s Thyroid Strong program that she developed specifically to assist Hashimoto’s ladies in making positive lifestyle changes

Episode Summary

For those of us with Hashimoto’s, traditional diet and exercise won’t do the trick, and Dr. Emily Kiberd explains why in this episode. Today, we discuss so many aspects of why our exercise needs are different, and what changes we should make to reach our health and fitness goals. Beginning with Emily’s story, we explore how she was first diagnosed and why she started the Thyroid Strong Program.

Later, we dive into how strength and weight training, as well as eating a high protein diet is best for Hashimoto’s, and how to best integrate these practices into our daily routines. Then, we touch on which exercises we can do to gradually build strength in the muscles and joints that are most affected by the disease.


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