April 21, 2022
#61: Mercury Removal and Detox: Sophie’s Story

In this Episode:

  • What is mercury toxicity and what does it do to your body?
  • Sophie’s discovery of mercury in her dental fillings, and her journey to having them extracted
  • How she got her dental amalgams extracted safely
  • What the extraction process was like
  • Hiring Dr. Caitlin to create a plan for her detox and recovery process before, during, and after amalgam removal
  • What changes and improvements occurred shortly after the extraction

Episode Summary:

I share my story of how I was able to have nine, yes nine(!!) amalgam dental fillings
removed safely, and why I felt it was important to begin the process now. I go over how I was able to do this in a way that fit my budget, and how to find the right person who will do the procedure safely. Dr. Caitlin, a woman who centers her business around the topic of mercury toxicity also helped me in my journey by explaining the removal process, helping me open my detox drainage pathways, and guiding me through the phases of the detox.

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