August 4, 2021
#44: The Histamine, Estrogen, and PMS Connection

In this Episode:

  • What is Histamine and histamine intolerance?
  • What is mast Cell activation Syndrome?
  • What do your hormones have to do with histamine?
  • Why gut health needs to be considered if you have endometriosis. acne, period pain, PMS and heavy periods?
  • What can I do to get rid of histamine symptoms?
  • A list of histamine releasing and containing foods
  • Supplements that may be useful to support histamine

Episode Summary:

Histamine is not a bad thing but TOO much histamine is NOT fun. Too much histamine can be is responsible for headaches, fatigue, bloating, itching, insomnia, irritability and gut issues

If you are noticing any of these symptoms especially at your middle of your cycle – at ovulation then it might be time to start thinking about HISTAMINE – ESTROGEN connection.

We examine what histamine is, what mast cell activation syndrome is and how it is connected to both estrogen and gut health. We also go over some easy take home strategies to support your histamine response.


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