September 7, 2022
#71: How to Banish Bloating, Gas, & Stomach Cramps – For the Girl Who’s Tried it All

In this episode

  • Why you should avoid self-diagnosing, especially with gut issues
  • How functional lab testing can be more effective in getting to the root of your symptoms
  • The gray areas of gut health
  • Why probiotics aren’t a fix-all and could actually exacerbate gut symptoms
  • How to take probiotics responsibly if you and your doctor decide it’s right for you
  • The top irritants for our guts
  • How stress and the gut are linked

Episode Summary

This week, I’m joined by Jillian Smith, a registered dietitian who helps women to rid themselves of frustrating gut symptoms through functional medicine so they can get back to feeling like themselves again.

In this episode, we’ll discuss why self-diagnosing can be dangerous, why we should get functional labwork done when we’re having unexplained issues, why probiotics aren’t always a cure-all and could make symptoms worse in some cases, the top irritants to our gut, and how to approach trial and error methods to getting to the root of our symptoms.

Getting to the root of our gut issues shouldn’t be stressful. It can be complicated to understand exactly what’s going on in our bodies, but we hope that this episode can push you to find the answers you’re looking for, and make it just a little easier to advocate for yourself and your gut health!

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