August 11, 2022
#69: Overcoming Anxiety, Hormonal Acne, and Constipation

In this episode

  • Where Ani started with her health before working with me
  • What prompted her to look for a different way to address her health concerns  
  • Ani’s immediate results after beginning to make small changes to her diet
  • Finding the willingness to try something new and commit
  • Ani’s advice for others looking to try something new in their health journey
  • Using neurolinguistics to help process stuck emotions
  • What is life like for her now 8 months later?

Episode Summary

In this episode, I’m highlighting another client’s success story! Ani Paoletti and I began working together in December 2021 to get to the bottom of her hormonal acne, anxiety, and digestive issues that had been affecting her for at least 8 years, and made worse by removing an IUD earlier in 2021. 

After “graduating” from her program with me, Ani shares some of the things she learned about herself, how to tune in to her body, and listen to the signals it was giving her about her health. Within the first month, and after a minor diet shift, she was already able to see improvement, especially with her hormonal acne. With her willingness to try something new and discover more about herself, major changes took place over the 6 months we worked together.

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