October 19, 2022
#74: Thriving with PCOS

In this episode

  • Jane’s journey to getting diagnosed with PCOS
  • The signs and symptoms of PCOS
  • Jane’s decision to choose functional nutrition as part of her treatment plan
  • Why PCOS is a spectrum
  • The link between stress, elevated cortisol and PCOS
  • The misconceptions of PCOS-linked food sensitivity
  • How chronic illness and harmful diet culture are linked
  • How to get a personalized treatment plan

Episode Summary

PCOS is a complicated and frustrating illness that can take years to get properly diagnosed. With it comes a lot of symptoms that mimic other illnesses and there is no “one size fits all” solution to treating it.

That’s why I’m talking with Jane Sagui, co-founder of Pollie.co, and a friend who knows what it’s like to struggle with this chronic illness. After struggling to find a right-fit solution for her situation, she co-founded Pollie.co to help other women get to the bottom of their symptoms and discover a treatment plan that works right for them.

PCOS affects roughly 1 in 10 people who menstruate, and like many chronic illnesses, there are different types, symptoms, and treatments. It’s important to advocate for yourself to get comprehensive testing to discover the type of PCOS you have and what might help alleviate uncomfortable symptoms for you.

In this episode, we’ll talk about Jane’s background with PCOS, the importance of getting the right diagnosis, the misconceptions of PCOS and how it buys into harmful diet culture, and how Pollie.co can help you finally get answers if you’re experiencing PCOS symptoms.


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