May 5, 2022
#62: The Importance of Protecting Your Bones When You Are Young

In this episode

  • Dr. Susan Brown’s background and why she is so passionate about bone health
  • The 6 reasons why young people should be concerned about their bone health now
  • The Better Bone Solution retreat 
  • Reasons why women’s bone health suffers more than men’s
  • Discussing hormone production, alkaline diet, stress, and nutrient deficiencies that are linked to deteriorating bone health
  • How to support your bones now while you’re young and promote healthy bone mass retention 

Episode Summary

Doctor, author, researcher, and inspirational speaker Dr. Susan Brown gives us a very thorough look into how important our bone health is, and how we can best support it, especially while we are still young. She cautions that between the ages of 35 and 85, women will lose up to 45% of their bone mass and up to 45% of muscle mass.

The best way to support strong and healthy bones is to begin taking care of our bodies early on and be consistent. She emphasizes that learning which nutrients our bodies are lacking, what external factors (like stress) are affecting us most, and improving our diets are the best ways to combat early and continuous bone loss.



Better Bone Solution Workshop 

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