May 20, 2022
#63: Lauren’s Story
Overcoming Thyroid Cancer

In this episode

  • Lauren’s journey of overcoming an ectopic pregnancy, Hashimoto’s diagnosis, and thyroid cancer
  • Her experience working through the medical system and not being heard 
  • Partial thyroid removal, tumor discovery, and recovery
  • Lauren ultimately discovering SHE Talks Health and navigating the program to heal from her traumatic experiences, and literally finding her voice again
  • Discussing the importance of advocating for yourself in the medical system and validating your own pain when you’re not being heard

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, one of my clients, Lauren Chapman, shares her story of how she survived an ectopic pregnancy and thyroid cancer. Like many women, Lauren’s experience navigating the medical system was not smooth, and was full of obstacles that left her feeling defeated and unheard. Starting with an ectopic pregnancy shortly after her first daughter was born, Lauren quickly began to experience exactly what it means to be a woman fiercely advocating for her own health. 

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