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Headshot of Dr. Susan Brown
Dr. Susan Brown

Dr. Susan Brown, PhD, is the best-selling author of The Acid Alkaline Food Guide (translated into 7 languages) and Better Bones, Better Body. She is also a noted researcher, inspirational speaker, and founder of the Center for Better Bones and Alkaline for Life. In her decades of experience, she has authored more than 1,000 articles and produced hundreds of videos on pH balance, the alkaline diet, and natural bone health.

Dr. Brown pioneered the natural approach to bone health for over 30 years. She was the first to prove that using only natural methods, nearly even woman can build strong bones for life. Incorporating her research and the latest science, her six-point natural program including the alkaline diet, exercise, digestion, detoxification and the 20 key bone building nutrients has helped tens of thousands of women around the world take control of their health and enjoy long, active, happy lives.

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