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Photo of Scott Sherr, a white man in a doctors coat with a stethoscope, smiling at the camera.
Dr. Scott Sherr
Dr. Scott Sherr is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician Certified to Practice Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) and a specialist in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).
He is the founder of HOMe-SF, the first HOMe clinic in the United States, and is the Chief Operating Officer of Health Optimization Medicine and Practice (HOMe/HOPe)–USA, a nonprofit education company training doctors and healthcare practitioners how to detect and correct the root causes of health, not disease.
In addition, Dr. Scott is also COO of Smarter Not Harder, the for-profit arm of HOMeHOPe. SNH is the company behind Troscriptions, a line of precision dosed buccal troches that are Democratizing Enlightenment by addressing the bottlenecks along the path to optimal health. They have four products on the market now including Blue Cannatine, Just Blue, Tro Calm, and Tro Zzz.
Dr. Scott is also the co-founder of OneBase Health, an innovative HBOT ecosystem leveraging synergistic technologies to accelerate results, and his clinical practice includes HOMe as its foundation plus an integrative approach to hyperbaric oxygen therapy that includes cutting-edge and dynamic HBOT protocols, comprehensive laboratory testing (using the HOMe framework), targeted supplementation, personal practices, synergistic technologies (new and ancient), and more.

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