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Headshot of Brian Richards, a white male wearing a black tshirt against a white and red background
Brian Richards

Brian Richards is a nationally known expert in sauna therapy, light science, EMF science. In 2013, he founded SaunaSpace®, a company that combines cutting-edge incandescent infrared technology with the age-old practice of sauna.

In 2008, Brian faced an important health decision: start taking pharmaceuticals for insomnia, adrenal fatigue and other health issues or try full-spectrum sauna therapy coupled with ancestral practices like clean diet, proper sleep, and yoga. By opting for the natural approach, Brian rapidly transformed his health. This life-changing experience inspired him to create SaunaSpace®.

In his journey to develop the perfect product, Brian has immersed himself in the science and research behind light, heat, electromagnetism and the human body. Fourteen years later, he brings a refreshing approach to natural

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