May 4, 2023
#86: The Importance of How and Why We Sleep

In this episode

  • Morgan’s struggle with insomnia and sleeping pill side effects
  • Why we need to get good sleep
  • The differences between morning larks and night owls
  • Knowing your sleep chronotype
  • The importance of routine, both morning and night, for good sleep
  • Why women suffer more from poor sleep
  • The different types of insomnia and how to manage them

Episode Summary

Sleep is our most underrated superpower. It helps us process memories, boosts our immunity, regulates our mood, has cardiovascular benefits, and more. And while everyone is a little different, we all need sleep in order to live our best lives.

Today, I’m joined by Morgan Adams, a sleep coach who had her own struggles with insomnia and sleeping pill side effects for almost 10 years before finally moving to more holistic methods for fixing her sleep. Now, she coaches other women on how to do the same.

In this episode, we’ll talk about her struggle with insomnia, why we need to get good sleep, chronotypes, different types of insomnia, and the best morning and night routines to have to prime ourselves for sleep and focus. Don’t miss the info-packed episode to learn how to get a better nights’ sleep now!

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