April 19, 2023
#85: Adding Resources to Your Period Pain Toolkit

In this episode

  • How Mimi got started down a path to holistic period pain management
  • How De Lune’s products work for women
  • Stress, progesterone, and how they’re connected
  • The power of herbs for pain and nervous system regulation
  • Why OTC painkillers don’t always work
  • How holistic, natural pain remedies can be a great addition to traditional painkillers
  • The dangers of “powering through” your period
  • The societal conditioning of periods and the pain associated with it

Episode Summary

Join me and the co-founder of De Lune, Mimi Millard, to discuss how she was inspired to begin on her journey to finding holistic, natural period pain solutions.

Growing up, Mimi struggled with intense period pain beyond what traditional painkillers were designed to help with. Fed up with missing school and being in debilitating pain every month, she started doing her own research about natural remedies for period pain.

Now, she helps tons of women naturally relieve period pain and manage their moods in a holistic way. De Lune’s products have been proven to not only work as well as traditional painkillers, but with fewer side effects. They can also be combined with traditional painkillers as an added boost of pain relief.

In this episode, we’re talking about how Mimi was inspired to create her natural products, the societal pressures on women to “power through” their pain, and how De Lune can be another tool in your toolkit for getting one step closer to pain-free periods.


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