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headshot of Mimi Millard, a white woman with dark blonde hair wearing a white t shirt and blue jeans, leaning against a brick wall.
Mimi Millard

After earning her environmental engineering degree from Cornell University, Mimi worked in the world of sustainable design before striking out on her own to found De Lune. This decision was fueled by her own experience growing up with severely painful periods and mood swings, and experiencing negative side effects to pharmaceutical “band-aid” solutions. Mimi turned to herbs, vitamins, and minerals to research and develop the most effective, science-backed natural solutions. Since founding De Lune in 2017, Mimi has partnered with leading period pain researchers at Harvard Medical and has brought life-changing relief to tens of thousands. Mimi’s personal mission is to heal generational cycles of suffering and stigma with courageous honesty and “big sister energy”.

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