October 21, 2020
#26: Charting Your Cycle to Empower Your Hormone Health

Episode Summary

Do you know what’s happening with your hormones each week of your cycle? Would it surprise you to know that your hormones are VERY different throughout the month and that there are scientific and non hormonal ways to chart your cycle so you can get necessary intel on what’s going on in your own body!?

Cycle Charting is a foundational practice for:

  1. Natural birth control (goodbye synthetic hormones!)
  2. Women’s health monitoring and assessment
  3. Infertility evaluation–get to the root cause.

In this episode, Melissa Buchan and I talk ALL things cycle charting and how to use it as a daily empowerment practice that allows you to tune into your reproductive health, to understand what your shifting moods and energy is about, and how this is the first step in creating a diagnostic tool that can allow you to partner with your healthcare team when something goes awry with your period/fertility.

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