April 5, 2023
#84: Managing Pelvic Floor Health and Chronic Pain

In this episode

  • How Sophie and Sami met
  • Why Sami began numbing at a young age
  • What her life was like before beginning to heal
  • What is vaginismus/vulvodynia?
  • The parasympathetic vs. sympathetic nervous system
  • Getting to the root cause of her chronic pain
  • Getting out of fight or flight
  • Celebrating gratitudes and small wins throughout the healing process

Episode Summary

This week, I’m sitting down with my best friend, Sami Hobbs, to talk about her struggle and journey to healing from chronic pain due to endometriosis and vaginismus (vulvodynia). Sami is the founder of Your Inner Wisdom, a holistic business mentor, empowerment photographer, and self-development retreat host.

Before Sami began her 7-year journey to fixing her chronic pain, she felt a lot of shame around sex, intimacy, and sexual health. She knew from a young age that something wasn’t quite right in her body, but it took a lot of courage to be open with doctors about her pain. Because of her pain, she experienced a lot of dissociation and began doing numbing behaviors like bingeing to escape it. Luckily, she had doctors who took her seriously and eventually diagnosed her with endometriosis and vaginismus.

Fast forward to today, Sami has done a ton of work both physically and mentally to get to the root of her pain and begin feeling relief. She’s worked hard on getting out of fight or flight and feeling safe in her body once again, which has been a huge boost to the physical work she’s done with her doctor for her vaginismus.

If you’re curious about pelvic floor health or are experiencing similar issues and want to learn more about how to begin finding relief for yourself, listen to Sami’s amazing story and first-hand tips from how she approached her healing process.


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