February 22, 2023
#81: Supporting Magnesium for PMS, Blood Sugar and Muscle Pain

In this Episode:

  • The important role of magnesium in the body
  • Potential causes of magnesium deficiencies
  • Why we should care about getting enough magnesium in our diet
  • Possible signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency
  • How do we test for magnesium deficiency?
  • The role of stress in lower or elevated magnesium levels
  • How to begin reversing low magnesium safely and effectively

Episode Summary:

This week, I’m continuing to talk about the minerals that are so important to our energy levels and cellular health. Our focus in this episode is on magnesium and how it supports thousands of different bodily processes.

Magnesium is a mineral that used to be abundant by eating vegetables and other produce, but due to our modern agricultural practices, it’s much harder to come by naturally in our diet these days. If we don’t get enough magnesium, it can have an impact on our entire body. It can affect our adrenal system, sleep cycles, menstrual cycles, blood sugar regulation, and so much more.

That’s why it’s important to know the signs of possible mineral deficiencies and how to test for them so you can start making a game plan for reversing the side effects. If you feel like you’re affected by chronic fatigue, muscle aches, depression, stress, and more, it could be as easy as identifying a magnesium deficiency to start feeling more like yourself again!


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