August 17, 2021
#45: Postpartum: How Bounce Back Culture is Harming Women

In this episode

  • What happens before and after you give birth for mental health?
  • The expectation of looks and weight while pregnant and postpartum
  • The individuality of the birthing process
  • How important trusting your instincts is during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Reframing the postpartum period
  • Understanding the pregnancy to understand the postpartum body
  • Fitness in postpartum
  • Being Gentle instead of pushing, Take a step back to take a step forward
  • Pelvic Floor PT for incontinence

Episode Summary

Postpartum is often a time that is overlooked by the current healthcare system. Mamas are checked on multiple times a month (even multiple times a week, sometimes) when you are pregnant. But as soon as your baby is Earthside, it feels like you’re on our own. Oh wait nevermind. That’s right, they give you ONE 6 week postpartum follow up. Thank goodness for that .

All you feel is the pressure from society that you need to bounce back ASAP because that’s what everyone does, right?

WRONG! You need to allow yourself time to recover and embrace this chapter of motherhood. The more we talk about this topic, the less women will push themselves to the breaking point of getting back to their “normal”, pre-pregnancy life…1 month after birth.

Are you currently a postpartum mama or about to be? If so, you’ll want to listen in on this week’s SHE Talks Health Podcast episode about how the bounce-back culture is harming women. I’m chatting with Kimberly McFerron, Pre and Post Natal Specialist and Birth Doula and founder of The Limitless Pregnancy Podcast.

In this episode we discuss, what happens to your mental health before and after you give birth, the expectation of looks and weight while pregnant and postpartum, the individuality of the birthing process, how important trusting your instincts is during pregnancy and postpartum, understanding the pregnancy to the postpartum body, fitness in postpartum, and the use of Pelvic Floor PT especially for incontinence.

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