May 26, 2021
#39: The Benefits of Estrogen & Progesterone

In this Episode:

  • The importance of Progesterone for our mood, brain, pregnancy
  • Reasons for Low Progesterone
  • What to consider to raise Progesterone
  • Why and How to Test
  • The Importance of Estrogen
  • When estrogen gets out of balance
  • What to do to reduce estrogen dominance

Episode Summary:

In this episode I’m chatting about the importance of estrogen and progesterone which are your two main sex hormones that influence not only your reproduction but also your brain function, your mood, your digestion, skin health, bone strength & your sex drive.

Understanding the crucial role these two hormones play in your life and how to tell if there is an imbalance can improve a lot more than your period. We are talking the way you interact with your partner, how you show up at work, your chances of developing osteoporosis, even your ability to have children is wrapped up in your ability to have enough and the right amounts of these hormones.

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