May 12, 2021
#38: Recurrent Miscarriage and Infertility Solved

In this episode

  • What Napro technology is for fertility
  • The difference between Creighton Model and regular tracking your cycle
  • The various causes of miscarriage – thyroid, low progesterone, clotting disorders, structural abnormalities, endoemetiosis, sperm quality
  • How to find a Naprotechnology fertility expert

Episode Summary

Miscarriage & Infertility is on the rise. Many couples never learn what is causing their fertility challenges. To shed light on this complex issue, we’ve invited Dr. Monique Ruberu,  a board certified Ob/Gyn who has had post doctoral training as a Napro Technology Medical Consultant.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of learning to chart your cycle so that you can pick up issues years before they are actually serious problems. Dr. Ruberu discusses why NaPRO Technology uses the Creighton method for fertility awareness. Napro Technology using Creighton allows you to track the length of the cycle, the bleeding patterns & mucus patterns and pinpoint what is going on.

She explains what tail end brown bleeding, spotting before the cycle and spotting mid cycle means. 

She explains that the quality and type of cervical mucus matters greatly when trying to get pregnant as that cervical mucus is the highway for sperm. She explains that tracking will help you to know when and if you are ovulating so you can draw studies like blood work or ultrasounds in order to get the answers you need for fertility. She explains that you could misinterpret everything about your lab and your ultrasounds if you aren’t charting!

It’s important to work with someone who is willing to look and dive deep into possible causes of miscarriage because there are several CAUSES OF MISCARRIAGE: 

  • Structural Causes – Fibroids, Polyp + Uterus Septum. The importance of the width of the lining of your uterus
  • Infections in your uterus 
  • Endometriosis
  • Checking Estrogen & progesterone after ovulation
  • Inadequate or partial ovulation 
  • Sperm Quality – there’s always room to super power the sperm. 
  • Clotting Disorders and which tests to run. Most insurance companies won’t cover the clotting tests unless you’ve had 3 miscarriage which is just a horrible thing for anyone to go through.

Thyroid Abnormalities
You could have completely normal thyroid levels but you feel hypothyroid then you could have thyroid symptom dysfunction – most doctors only check Free T4 and TSH and if those are in range then they aren’t going any further but often times when you look at a full thyroid panel you will see the person needs help with their thyroid in order to get pregnant. 

There is always a cause for any type of dysfunction – there’s no such thing as unexplained infertility.

Low Progesterone – where it stands on a monthly basis but the minute you conceive you need to take a test to know your levels. Know when progesterone actually kicks in for your pregnancy

How to Find a Provider!

Work with someone like Dr. Monique Ruberu for a coaching sessions and come up with a plan to follow. You can simply search Napro Technology and your city and should be able to find a provider. There are also fertility courses like Dr. Ruberu’s and the website. FACTS – where they have a hubs of all the different types of Fertility Awareness Methods. 



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