April 28, 2021
#37: How Poop Impacts your Estrogen Levels

In this episode

  • The 2 main parts of gut health
  • The connection between the gut microbiome and our hormones
  • Why we NEVER chase symptoms as FDN-P’s
  • How Stress & Inflammation are the root cause of most dis-ease in the body
  • Kylene’s recipe for chronic constipation
  • The key hormone imbalance that leads to PMS, Painful Breasts, Anxiety, Insomnia and constipation

Episode Summary

Not many people who have PMS or painful cycles see the connection to gut health. But as Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners, Kylene Terhune and I see the body as an interconnected unit and gut health is the center hub for healing. Time and time again we will see that someone’s hormones are directly impacted by their gut health.

In this episode, we discuss the 2 most important aspects of gut health, and the top ways our gut & hormones are connected. 

The two parts of Gut Health:
The layer of cells in the gut that acts as a Physical Barrier to protect your body from the outside world AND the balance of good and bad bacteria (our microbiome) and what those microbes can do for our health.
When we have a breakdown of either area (pathogenic overgrowth, bacterial imbalances, or a breakdown in the lining of the physical barrier where things can slip through into the bloodstream) this is when we start to see symptoms over time.

We discuss:

  • Why we have to start with gut health to heal our entire body system – Symptoms are often far removed from the problem! 
  • The easiest way to start healing your gut – YOUR PLATE.You can either feed the good bacteria or you can feed that pathogenic bacteria that do the opposite.
  • What to do when diet isn’t enough
  • Our protocol for constipation
  • What is the constipation & estrogen connection?
  • The importance of detox pathways
  • What is estrogen dominance, how does estrogen work in your menstrual cycle?
  • The cause of painful breasts, anxiety, insomnia, constipation, PMS
  • How to breakdown estrogen in the gut
  • Inflammation & Stress are the root cause of gut & hormone issues
  • The 3 things that trigger autoimmunity
  • Why you are sick and your friends aren’t
  • Why diet and exercise is not the only answer for weight loss
  • Why you can’t lose weight
  • The inflammatory cascade on your ovaries Inflammation in the gut causing communication problem between brain and ovaries.


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