February 4, 2021
#31: Nutrients for the Menstrual Cycle

In this Episode:

  • Blood Sugar Balance
  • Eating For Optimal Food Absorption
  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods/Inflammatory Foods
  • Food Ideas for each phase of the menstrual phase

Episode Summary:

What foods should I be eating for my menstrual cycle and hormones!? I get this question a lot from women who’ve tried it all and none of it is working. Most women’s nutrition advice comes from studies done for men or trends are marketed to women for weight loss exclusively. Yet when women come to work with me their concerns go much larger than weight loss, they are concerned because they have no cycle, an irregular cycle or a painful cycle. They have tried a million “diets” and NOTHING has worked for them and each one has left them more confused then where they started. 

In this episode I go through 3 basic food ideas I use with all of my clients as a guide and then we dive a layer deeper into how you can support your body through each phase of your menstrual cycle. 

Whether you are just starting your journey or you are looking to uplevel your monthly cycle using food this episode will help!

We are so quick to jump to all the biohacking, new diet trends, expensive cure-all supplements, but in reality we can do a lot to support our hormones with the foundations including our food choices. We are also very quick to use other people as litmus tests to our success or requirements when it comes to food. We’ve lost our abilities to connect to our intuition and to listen to what we need moment to moment. So while I go through some ideas in this podcast about food, the most important thing to remember is your individual body is talking to you everyday all day and telling you what it needs.

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