June 16, 2020
#14: Addressing PCOS

Episode Summary

10% of ALL women have PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is the most common female endocrine disorder and the #1 cause of infertility Once a woman has PCOS it can set off a cascade of issues – NOT JUST REPRODUCTIVE. This syndrome can cause acne, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune disease and heart disease. There is A LOT of mis-information, over medication and lack of education about PCOS which is why I asked Dr. Felice Gersh to come talk to you about it.

Dr. Gersh is quite literally one of a kind, as a fellowship-trained, double board-certified Integrative OB-GYN. She uses the best of lifestyle, nutrition, targeted supplementation, acupuncture, massage, IV therapies, mind body medicine and exercise in her practice.

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