February 2, 2022
#55: Thriving with PCOS

In this episode

  • How Dr. Roelands got into supporting women with pcos through her own journey of developing it
  • Why knowing your PCOS type is helpful
  • The THRIVE protocol for PCOS
  • Why dieting is the wrong approach to reversing PCOS symptoms
  • The importance of the circadian rhythm for PCOS

Episode Summary

In this episode we interview a PCOS advocate, Dr. Jennifer Roelands, Board Certified OBGYN and Integrative Practitioner chat about her THRIVE protocol for supporting women with PCOS.

THRIVE stands for:

T – Taking Note
H – Habits
R– Rewiring
I– Incorporating
V – Victories
E -Empowering other people

We talk in depth about how dieting is often the wrong approach to PCOS and what else we can do from a nutrition and lifestyle perspective to support PCOS without feeling deprived.

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