January 16, 2024
#92: Supporting Hashimoto’s with Strength Training and a High Protein Diet

In this episode

  • Disclaimer and introduction [00:00]
  • Creating the Thyroid Strong program [4:36]
  • Why building muscle with Hashimoto’s is harder [10:58]
  • Lifting weights is better for building muscle and injury recovery [14:51]
  • Putting your fears aside and just getting started [17:33]
  • Monitoring your progress without caring about the number on the scale [22:31]
  • The similarities of mold and Hashimoto’s symptoms [25:47]
  • Visual signs of mold indoors [32:25]
  • The correlation of Hashimoto’s and women not using their voices [35:55]

Episode Summary

We’re used to hearing that whenever we’re injured, rest is the best solution for getting back on our feet as quickly and safely as possible. But what if you have a thyroid condition that’s often combined with hypermobility?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a thyroid condition or suspect you might have one, you might notice that yoga, pilates, and other low-impact stretching style workouts still leave you in pain, yet no more flexible or toned than before. This is because you’re not exercising for Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism. 

In this episode, we’ll explore how to safely exercise with Hashimoto’s or other thyroid conditions that can contribute to more frequent injury. We’ll also discuss what a healthy thyroid diet looks like and why it’s so important to build muscle with Hashimoto’s.

Finally, we’ll get into how mold toxicity can mimic Hashimoto’s symptoms and how to test for it in your home properly before you drop thousands on a mold inspector. 


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