October 7, 2021
#47: Women’s Sexual Health & The Gender Gap in Health Care

In this episode

  • Dr. Carolyn Delucia’s revolutionary books – Ultimate Intimacy and Ultimate Connection and why she created them.
  • Various procedures and medical advancements to help women with their sexual wellness (incontinence, prolapse, vaginismus, and pelvic floor after children!)
  • The Gender Gap in Health Care
  • The Importance of Sexual Wellness & the impact it has on women & couples
  • The Use of Bio-identical Hormones after Menopause

Episode Summary

THIS IS A HOTTT one for anyone with a vagina! If you have experienced incontinence, uterine prolapse, lack of desire, vaginismus, or any other pain or discomfort in your sexual health – this one’s for you!

In this episode with Dr. Carolyn Delucia, we learn about several cutting edge technologies available to support women’s sexual wellness AND the extent of the Gender Gap when it comes to women’s health and sexual well being.



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