July 13, 2022
#67: Endocrine-disrupting chemicals & how to spot them

In this episode

  • Dr. Jenna Hua’s extensive background, motivation to enter the nutrition industry, and the creation of Million Marker
  • What prompted her to look into autoimmune issues and endocrine-disrupting chemicals
  • Discussing types of hormone-disruptors and how they function
  • Where these toxins are found, what they’re called, and sneaky ways they’re used in products
  • How to avoid toxic chemicals, and which products to replace them with
  • Getting tested for toxic hormone-disruptors and learning about how we metabolize them

Episode Summary

Dr. Jenna Hua, an environmental health scientist, dietician, and founder of Million Markers came on the podcast to educate us about endocrine-disruptors such as BPA. She gives us an overview of the most common toxins to look out for as well as some of the sneaky names manufacturers give them to try to disguise them.

Unfortunately, many of these chemicals aren’t regulated in the US as they are in other countries, meaning our exposure to them is much higher than we might realize. This can lead to a multitude of health problems such as infertility in both men and women, developmental issues, breast cancer, diabetes, and more.

She shares some of the biggest culprits containing endocrine-disrupting chemicals like plastic containers and bottles, skincare products, inorganic foods, and more. She offers tips on how to avoid them, what we can replace these products with if they’re accessible to us, and how to get tested to see what toxins might be lurking in our bodies.

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