June 1, 2022
#64: Cycle Optimizing with Nutrition, Exercise, & Lifestyle

In this episode

  • Kela breaks down each stage of our menstrual cycles: Our period, the follicular phase, ovulation, and the 2-part luteal phase.
  • She gives us examples of the best foods to eat each phase.
  • Sophie and Kela share some of their own favorite recipes and cooking strategies to support themselves in certain phases.
  • Exercising and which types of exercise are best to do depending on which phase you’re in, and reducing potential injury through this method.
  • Sleep, emotional health and releasing/processing trauma as some of the best ways to support peak bodily health.
  • The Hormone Puzzle Method

Episode Summary

Today, I’m joined by the amazing coach Kela Smith who will break down everything you need to know about cycle optimization. Coach Kela is the CEO and program director of the Hormone Puzzle Society, author of The Hormone Puzzle Method, and host of the Hormone PUZZLE Podcast. In this episode, she guides us through every stage of our hormonal cycles and how to use these phases to our advantage. She’ll help us understand how to eat, exercise, supplement, and do self-care all at the most optimal times in our cycle. She emphasizes that whole food balanced nutrition is always best, no matter which phase we’re in. Her Hormone Puzzle Method gives us an easy toolbox on how to best support ourselves through all stages of our cycles, and optimize our physical, mental, and emotional health.


  • Visit her website for a free fertility meal plan, cycle optimizing guide and lots of recipes, plus amazing programs, products, merchandise to support your fertility journey.
  • The Hormone PUZZLE Podcast


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