March 31, 2021
#35: Thyroid Part 2: Solutions for Hashimoto’s
Natural Methods to Supporting Your Hashimoto's

In this Episode:

  • How to optimize our thyroid function when it comes to Hashimotos.
  • Optimizing the conversion of in active thyroid hormone to active thyroid hormone
  • Nutrient Density for your thyroid
  • Liver Support for your thyroid
  • Gut Support for your thyroid
  • Minerals for your thyroid
  • Stress and the thyroid

Episode Summary:

Taking a whole woman approach to supporting the female body, regardless of the diagnosis or label is essential.

This means that we must look at ALL the factors that influence a woman’s thyroid.

I always say, your thyroid didn’t just decide to stop working one day, there can be triggers (many of which we discussed in Episode 30) such as:

  • gut dysfunction causing malabsorption
  • lack of essential thyroid nutrients
  • environmental exposures to chemicals and pesticides that disrupt thyroid function
  • heavy metal accumulation
  • mental and emotional stressors
  • toxic infections and pathogens like mold
  • gut infections like bacteria and parasites

Using a whole woman approach that’s all about removing stressors & building the body up is the only way to systematically support thyroid function which is why I decided to dedicate an entire episode to discussing these very topics!

We will talk about the importance of nutrient density and a couple of foods that may be damaging for people with Hashimoto’s. We also talk about the importance of mineral balance and essential minerals for the thyroid. We discuss the gut dysfunction & infections that can cause the thyroid to struggle as well as the role the liver plays in supporting thyroid health.

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