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Headshot of Sami Hobbs, a white woman with blonde hair, wearing a green dress next to palm leaves
Sami Hobbs

Sami Hobbs, founder of Your Inner Wisdom, is a holistic business mentor, empowerment photographer and self-development retreat host located in Sarasota, FL.

For most of her life, she disassociated from her body, turning to numbing behaviors to control her emotions and racing thoughts. She was deeply ashamed of what her body looked like and how it operated, and struggled with chronic pain from endometriosis and vaginismus.

Underneath it all, there was a tingling…an electrical current of knowledge and body wisdom, a calling to explore in ways no woman in her family had before.

Over the course of 7 years, she educated herself on how to listen to her body and intuition. Her inner wisdom led her back to her body, gave her the reigns after years of struggling with numbing behaviors, bingeing, OCD, and pelvic floor pain. She turned her pain into her superpower, and brings that epic bravery and compassion into her relationships with self, her loving partner, her family, friends, and clients.

Ultimately, she believes that the things that we feel make us the most different and unlovable are often the experiences and qualities that make us the most exceptional.

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